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7-8-17 Post In Spiritual Forums About Sorcerers


Starting out as a tarotist, aura color gazer, and UFO-alien researcher since the late 1970's who has won online awards (1 and 2) and who was also been approached by a Canadian producer to be in a UFO documentary, I've been a spiritual medium and metaphysical teacher for well over thirty years. I chose a unique path of personal investigation and research so I could obtain insight that is not found in traditional schools of thought and common metaphysical (e.g., channeled) literature. Much of what I learned is also not found in any traditional religion. From the very start, I preferred the path less chosen for the purpose of getting to the absolute truth. My Gift of the Spirit, cultivated over many years, and a gift that prophets and sorcerers generally did not and do not have: is a Gift of Discernment from seventh plane discarnate saints.

Key insight (occasionally revised)...

1. Spirits or discarnates or souls, when they cross over into Spirit, face an inescapable, non-living higher power. This higher power has often been referred to as The Light, The Breath of God, and The Light of God. We are all judged by this higher power whether we believe in it or not. The Light represents the only way that reality can manifest itself from nothingness in linear time. Without The Light there can be no stars, realms/planets, souls, or an Original Creator to use The Light to manifest a Big Bang. When souls leave the flesh their ability (or inability) to ascend or expand their consciousness in The Light is dictated by their ability to love genuinely and deeply or radiate purified love, as well as by their selfless (or not) application of The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Souls, even Space Gods, cannot evolve into becoming infinite in spiritual development. Only The Light can ever be endless. As such, an unchanging state of perfection can never exist. But souls do have the potential to eventually evolve into embracing degrees of spiritual excellence within God Realization.

2. After the willful and irrevocable division of The Original Creator's Godhead, all souls started out as yellow-energy spirits on the fourth astral plane. The fourth plane being part of the well-known seven plane/heaven paradigm found in Judaism (i.e., Jewish mysticism or the Kabbalah), Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism, and in other metaphysical philosophies. From the very beginning, it became obvious that individual spirits are too primitive or too weak to manifest small-scale telekinesis and energy healing. The traditional, age-old solution is to combine one's consciousness with many others of like mind, culture, and religion and form an astral gestalt. One does not have to be highly evolved in order to do this; it happens all the time. A gestalt is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. When thousands of yellow-energy spirits combine their consciousness into an astral gestalt or Group Entity, they can manifest small-scale energy healing (e.g., Qigong and Reiki) as well as small-scale telekinesis.

The terms astral gestalt, poltergeist, discarnate community, and Group Entity all mean one and the same thing.

The much older and harder approach to getting power in The Light is to spiritually evolve through lifetimes of selfless service and by cultivating humility, purity and compassion. Once stable sainthood is reached, one can then move on through the radiance of purified love to eventually embrace a level of god consciousness, and then someday God Consciousness.

In the past, most have preferred the easy path to power and glory by being part of a fourth plane, yellow-energy Group Entity or to be part of a fifth plane, violet-energy Group Entity. The number of violet-energy Group Entities (who often serve as a source of energy healing without promoting a demand to be worshiped) is much less than the number of yellow-energy Group Entities (who do often demand to be worshiped, e.g., "on bended knee to Jesus") and therefore the former are often overshadowed in energy by the latter. There are yellow-energy Group Entities who pose as gods and GOD to humanoid civilizations all over the Universe; ALL THOSE GODS ARE FALSE 

3. All the major religious figures in history - like Abraham, Muhammed, Moses, and Jesus/Issa/Yuz Asaf - were at best only prophets. None of them were gods or representative of, or channeled the energies of, The Original Creator/Lord Alpha Omega - who has yet to venture here from an alternate space-time continuum, as He no longer exists in this timeline. The prophets received Gifts of the Spirit from communities of discarnates on the fourth plane (in the well-known seven astral plane paradigm): yellow-energy spirits that combined their consciousness in The Light in order to produce minor miracles and be worshiped as GOD.

For example, Jesus received his Gifts of the Spirit - charisma, teleportation, levitation, energy healing which was more powerful than Reiki is today, the ability to create food, the ability to change water into wine, etc. - from a large, yellow-energy Group Entity that made him appear to be much greater spiritually than was the case. He never died on the cross - was never captured by the Romans in the first place - but used his gifts (in this specific instance: telepathic manipulation, teleportation, and stigmata) to fake his resurrection. Jesus then discreetly migrated to India; to live not as a degraded vagabond but as a wealthy prophet. In the course of his life, he had many lovers and a number of wives. Before dying at the age of eighty he proclaimed to be the Galilean messiah and his tomb resides in Kashmir. Jesus never evolved into god realization and his purported divinity was and is a GRAND DECEPTION; orchestrated from the very beginning so that a discarnate community/Group Entity of Jewish spirits would be worshiped as GOD.

4. Judeo-Christian-Islamic spirits, many of which are incarnate today, promote a SELF-PERPETUATING DELUSION OF DIVINITY. After death, many of them return to a Judeo-Christian-Islamic Group Entity on the fourth plane, take part in manipulating those in the flesh to worship them as GOD, then incarnate again and channel those same energies.

5. Like King Solomon and Simon Magus (now Criss Angel): people like David Blaine, Dynamo/Steven Frayne (formerly the Russian energy healer and mystic Grigori Rasputin), Yif, and Cyril Takayama are all sorcerers. They channel the same energies that started traditional religions. The only difference between them and prophets like Jesus, Swami Sai Baba, and Moses is that the latter had a larger community of spirits, a larger yellow-energy Group Entity which granted greater Gifts of the Spirit (i.e., greater telekinesis, greater teleportation, greater food creation, a greater ability to change water into wine, etc.). The larger yellow-energy Group Entities are responsible for starting all the mainstream, traditional religions. .

Actress Jennifer Lawrence to David Blaine: “If you started a religion I would follow it.”

Sorcerer Criss Angel and Simon the Sorcerer (or Simon the Magician) in the First Century are one and the same soul. Like Simon the Sorcerer, Criss Angel has become well known for his high levitations; like flying over trees at a golf course  and hovering hundreds of feet in the air and over the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. However, there is the very important spiritual truth that if one abuses one's Gifts of the Spirit those gifts either lessen or end completely. (The late Swami Sai Baba went through this from being a pedophile and sexual predator of young men and boys at his ashram in India, among other atrocities committed.) Criss Angel and his Group Entity misused their energies, this metaphysical author being one of the victims of their astral abuse, and consequently they lost members in their astral gestalt due to retrogression. Consequently, Criss Angel's powers have considerably weakened over the years. Compare the above high levitations to the much lower levitation done at an airport in 2016

Back in the First Century, Simon the Sorcerer had a duel arcane with the Apostle Peter. On the one side was Simon's yellow-energy Group Entity. On the other side in this astral battle was (at the time) the much larger yellow-energy Christian Group Entity. The purpose of the contest was to determine who was representative of the one true God. (Technically, neither were representative of the one true God, as that rarefied but not infinite Space God has yet to enter this space-time continuum.) It was held in a Roman city square and with a Roman official presiding. The contest ended with Simon performing his signature high levitation. While flying over the crowd, Peter prayed and the more powerful Christian Group Entity temporarily interrupted the energy behind the high levitation, resulting in Simon the Sorcerer falling to his death. This duel arcane between Peter and Simon is documented in The Acts of Peter and is dramatized in this History Channel episode.

6. Prior to birth, the souls of prophets and sorcerers were elected by a discarnate community on the fourth or fifth plane to represent them when in the flesh once more. This is why sorcerers and prophets are (or soon become) rich. They become rich from the mid-realm Group Entity that supports them in telekinetic manifestations.

Until true ascended and post-ascended masters emerge: to have traditional telekinetic and energy healing Gifts of the Spirit is more of a political achievement than reflective of spiritual attainment.

Benedictine Monastery Documentary About Minor Miracles Of Telekinesis - They Espouse That The Feats Stem From Demons Or Fallen Angels But They Actually Come From Yellow-Energy Group Entities

7. To help understand how astral gestalts or Group Entities operate, we shall explore a yellow-energy New Age Group Entity prophet that I saw in public at the 1993 Reincarnation The Journey Continues Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, before he became rich and famous.

Dannion Brinkley had his first near-death experience in 1975. It completely changed his outlook on life, as NDEs generally do. He went from a self-proclaimed jackass and bully to a hospice volunteer, metaphysical author, prophet, and lecturer. His NDE resulted in him having various Gifts of the Spirit; mainly within the psychic realm as opposed to active gifts like healing and telekinesis - indicating that his Group Entity was not as large as that of someone like David Blaine or Cyril Takayama. His gifts stemmed from a Group Entity on the fourth plane; the same one he visited when out of his body.

In his own words in a radio interview that subsequently was put on the Net, Dannion describes the merging of his psyche with that New Age Group Entity during his first NDE:

"I don't so much believe in individual soul identity...because when I entered those crystal cities I became a part of a soul consciousness. I was no longer Dannion...I stayed Dannion until I got to the crystal city. Then I had no more point of view that was mine, I was part of a collective. I was like the Borg on Star Trek: I was assimilated. And I had an overview and a connectedness...I knew that there were other individual consciousnesses within the soul but I was a part of that soul group."


8. It is beyond the scope of power of any yellow-energy Group Entity and any violet-energy Group Entity, even one that has millions of members, to create a fully-grown humanoid body. Historical prophets/sorcerers can never return in the persona of their former glory because none of them evolved into god realization and their respective, supportive, and deceptive Group Entity was and/or is inherently too weak in The Light to make it happen. This is why ancient sorcerers like Simon Magus (more recently Criss Angel) and King Solomon, and ancient prophets like Moses, Abraham, and Yuz Asaf/Issa/Jesus cannot return in the persona of their former glory. No Group Entity on the fourth or fifth plane - most of them reside on the fourth - is powerful enough to physically bring a prophet or sorcerer back from the dead. Instead, they rely on telepathic projections.

9. The real purpose of our lives or the meaning of life (over many incarnations) is to eventually evolve into becoming stable lesser gods; to be actualized in energy on the Other Side after bodily death. This is the only way to achieve long-term happiness - in and of the non-living Light of God. That is how the basic human condition will be greatly improved upon, how the ills of humanity will be overcome, and what The Original Creator (i.e., the rarefied but not infinite Space God that manifested The Big Bang billions of years ago and who has yet to come), desired for us since the very beginning. That beginning entailed the willful and irrevocable division of His Godhead into trillions of yellow-energy spirits (i.e., the origin of all souls), after He manifested the Universe. Therefore, contrary to popular opinion, we were not created. In this space-time continuum we are what is left of The Original Creator - "fractals of light" thereof - and all of us at the onset contained within us a "god spark." It is our soul responsibility to cultivate that god spark to a high degree so that we can become a Co-Creator after bodily death.

10. The Original Creator's method for reaching a level of god realization and then eventually rarefied God Realization is what is currently termed Heart Chakra Radiance/God Yoga. The whole HCR approach was therefore not invented but discovered in The Light - on the seventh plane in the traditional seven heaven understanding found in various religions - on the Other Side many years ago.

11. The long-awaited Paradigm Shift centers on those people who have used and will use HCR extensively over a period of years and who have reached a level of being either a lesser god or an Elder God. The Official Paradigm Shift will occur after one of them transitions and starts using the non-living Light to manifest major miracles that go way beyond any of the prophets in history, from any traditional religion, and also beyond that of any sorcerer. The real power behind sorcerers and prophets, yellow-energy Group Entities, vehemently oppose the emergence of even lesser gods who will overshadow them in God Force energy.

Violet energy healing, as well as yellow-energy sorcery and witchcraft cannot compete with the intense-white energy godcraft of lesser gods/Magi, and even less with the intense-white energy GodCraft of Elder Gods.

12. Most souls are not principled enough and/or disciplined enough to evolve into becoming even stable saints, much less stable lesser gods.

13. A space race empire is an imperialistic civilization that has interstellar flight capability. There are many of these in existence, spread out in various galaxies. Reptilian/Reptoid humanoids are the most common kind of humanoid life.

14. The home system of the local space race empire, The Reticulan/Zetan Empire, is the Zeta 2 Reticuli System, a binary star system that is approximately forty light years away. The humanoid races thereof consist of genetically-engineered Homo sapiens or Nordics, the Reptilians commanders, the Preying Mantis overlords, and the short and tall Grey worker class who are a genetic blend of the Reptilians and the Preying Mantises. They have been here, on and around Terra, for many thousands of years, and they have constructed many underground and underwater cities. Their ships and probes use gravity-wave propulsion systems which enables them interstellar flight capability and most of the time their ships and probes are optically invisible from the generation of a strong electromagnetic (EM) field around their craft.

Reticulan cloaking mechanisms are easily overcome with night vision equipment.

15. Reticulans/Zetans have advanced heat lasers that can cut through walls and paralysis beams that can easily cause unconsciousness and/or paralysis to the human body. They can imitate levitation with their anti-gravity technology, i.e., their green-colored energy beams have been known to immobilize helicopters in flight. Zetan bio-computer technology enables them to use advanced interface capability with their machines; this enables them to use their thoughts to activate weapons and navigate spacecraft. However, none of the above signifies true telekinesis and true telepathy.

16. Contrary to Reticulan disinformation: Reptilians cannot shapeshift. Oftentimes when they kidnap a Terran (Homo sapien), their victim is brainwashed through drugs and implanted screen memories so that they believe their alien captors have godlike attributes (e.g., the ability to read minds, teleport, shapeshift, and walk through walls). In truth, the Reticulans/Zetans have no telepathic, telekinetic, or shapeshift ability whatsoever, and they promote an ongoing campaign of propaganda and disinformation regarding what they can and cannot do. If the Reticulans/Zetans were ascended and post-ascended god realized masters they could create whatever they wish; they would not need to covertly kidnap and steal for selfish reasons. They would not need to use paralysis beams to immobilize their victims - and pick locks as well as any Terran locksmith. They could simply teleport their intended to a holding cell onboard their spacecraft.

17. The Reticulan/Zetan Empire treats The Terran Plane as one of their farms, e.g., the kidnapping and eating of thousands of Homo sapien children each year - many are taken in Alaska - which Reptilian commanders consider to be a delicacy. Much like the I-S or ISIS, they also like to rape women and use them as sex slaves. Additionally, it has been reported that Homo sapien glandular extracts are used as vitamin supplements.

A Typical Zetan Abduction - The Long-Term Breeding Program - In Order To Produce A Race Of Hybrids, Likely To Be Used As An Occupational Army When Terra Becomes Largely Rebellious

CIA Briefing Transcript On Alien Encounters To President Ronald Reagan, Confirming Reticulan/Zetan Visitations For Thousands Of Years & That Their Home System Is The Zeta 2 Reticuli System

18. The Reticulan Empire discreetly protects The Terran Plane from environmental threats in space (and from other space race empires) and harvest here as they wish, with little or no regard to the wishes or free will of the local population. The idea that local governments were technically advanced enough to blow up the environmental threat that was Comet Elenin is pure disinformation and fantasy. What really happened is that Elenin was blown apart by The Reticulan Empire who deployed their antimatter weapons technology.

Physicist & Engineer Bob Lazar's Written Disclosure

Physicist & Engineer Bob Lazar's Low-Budget Yet Highly Educational Documentary About Reticulan Technology

19. Obviously, The Reticulan Empire does not follow a Prime Directive of Non-Interference. Quite the contrary. They are parasitic beings who prey upon humanoid civilizations too weak to defend themselves against their advanced physically-based technology.

The Reticulans are not our spiritual brothers and they are certainly not our spiritual masters!

Practical Measures To Avoid A Zetan Abduction

20. The Reticulan Empire, despite their advanced and lightweight metal alloys, has no physical shielding capability. There is a certain degree of safety and security within the gravity well inside a Zetan spacecraft due to the gravity wave field generation outside the ship or probe. This is especially the case when their ships engage the interstellar gravity drive, as opposed to the less powerful (and much slower) drive used inside an atmosphere. Regardless, a gravity wave generator still does not have the capability to manifest true physical shielding technology.

Warships Shot Down UFO

Gulf War Shootdown

21. In 1989, President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev, along with the then UN Secretary General, and others, had a secret meeting in New York City. The meeting was to address the possibility of Open Disclosure about aliens to the general public.

(Decades earlier, Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal was about to expose awareness about aliens and was murdered by government agents and in such a way as to make it look like a suicide. Before his death, he told people he worked with that his life was in danger.)

After the secret meeting of Reagan and Gorbachev in NYC about Open Disclosure was over - which the Reticulans obviously monitored - the aliens kidnapped the UN Secretary General right out of his motorcade in Manhattan. They threatened the UN Secretary General that if there was Open Disclosure they would kidnap the leader of every nation - including the President of the United States. Open Disclosure was therefore considered and prevented by The Reticulan Empire during the Reagan Administration because the aliens do not want the general population to know about their harvesting and subjugation - and thereby strive to stop it.

22. Approximately twelve-thousand years ago, there was a nuclear war.

An Atomic Bomb Detonated On Earth 12,000 Years Ago

On the one side was the Anunnaki/Zetan-Reptilians, who were here and harvesting selfishly, as always from the very beginning hundreds of thousands of years ago when they first came to Terra. On the other side you had the Atalans who in recent times are more commonly known as the Atlanteans. The ancient Rama Empire of India documented that the Atalans had weapons that could level an entire city, i.e., atomic. As an imperialistic nation, the Atalans challenged the space aliens; some of their motives were noble in trying to stop the Anunnaki's harvesting and subjugation. The Reptilians retaliated by unleashing their far more powerful antimatter weapons. This resulted in a nuclear holocaust that was much more devastating than when atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, in 1945. Consequently, that ancient nuclear holocaust destroyed Atala/Atlantis, caused widespread earthquakes, and also resulted in The Great Flood which is documented in various ancient cultures.

(Ancient Indian cultures documented that there was a time when there was no Moon. This was before the ancient nuclear war with the Anunnaki.)

With no star to warm it and also gravitational instability, The Terran Plane plummeted into an ice age. To save this Reticulan farm which they essentially were responsible for destroying: the Anunnaki used their advanced antimatter reactor technology and constructed an artificial star. They also built a moon to serve as a monitoring station and to provide gravitational stability. That is why, as many have mathematically calculated - and which is also evidenced by recent aerial photography (that NASA hides and distorts) - that our moon and sun are both approximately 32 miles in diameter and approximately 3,000 miles away. Both the moon and the sun (like the Jovian moon Ganymede) are artificial constructions of The Reticulan Empire.

In the ancient nuclear war between Atala/Atlantis and the Anunnaki/Zetan-Reptilians: the latter's deployment of antimatter weapons ultimately resulted in knocking The Terran Plane out of its orbit around Sol. That is why we now have a much smaller artificial sun.

Dogcam at 110,000 Feet - Not Looking For Evidence Of A Flat Earth & Small Sun - Go To 4:20

Proof The Moon Is A Hollow Artificial Satellite?

200 Proofs That Earth/Terra Is Not A Spinning Ball

In Hebrew, the word 'nasa' means 'to deceive.'

23. There is mounting evidence that: Terra/Earth is a flat circle that does not spin, that the North Pole is in the center, that the United Nations Emblem is a truthful map, that there is no South Pole in Antarctica, that there is a gigantic wall of ice on the outer rim that is somewhere between 150-300 feet above sea level and many hundreds of feet below sea level (that Admiral Richard Byrd estimated to be 1,200 miles thick), and that there are lands (not frozen) beyond the wall of ice that are dominated by The Reticulan Empire.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd said on television that he saw a land beyond Antarctica that is as big as the United States, and it is not a frozen wasteland ("not covered in snow") but rich in raw materials like coal and uranium.

Flat Earth In 5 Minutes

Under The Dome (Documentary)

Ancient Hebrew Conception Of Terra/Earth

An Even Better Illustration, As It Takes Into Account The Orbits Of The Moon & The Sun

An Excellent Realm Documentary    

True World/Flat Earth Documentary

An Entertaining Look At The Controversy About A Flat Earth - With Rare Documentation Regarding A Dome In Antarctica That Is 13,000 Feet High, As Stated In The 1958 Edition - Volume 2 - Of The Encyclopedia Americana

Voted 'Best Flat Earth Proof 2017'

24. The Reticulan Empire and every other space race empire - of which there are many, spread out in various galaxies - are not spiritually advanced and therefore have no defense against advanced telekinesis that goes beyond that of any sorcerer or prophet. This is how the space race empires will finally experience defeat: from the energies of future ascended and post-ascended lesser gods and Elder Gods.  

The meaning of life is to evolve into eventually becoming

a stable lesser god/Magi after bodily death. For this is the only path

to long-lasting happiness in and of The Light of God.

This is achieved by using Heart Chakra Radiance (HCR) daily and conscientiously.

If we have learned one thing from the history of invention and discovery, it is that,

in the long run — and often in the short one —

the most daring prophecies seem laughably conservative.

~ Arthur C. Clarke ~

Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity,

we shall harness for God the energies of love,

and then, for a second time in the history of the world,

man will have discovered fire.

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~

Fourth plane, yellow-energy discarnate communities/Group Entities will always distort the truth for selfish reasons. They will always hide the fact that they are the power behind sorcerers and prophets (who are inherently rich due to the yellow energies supporting them), they will always promote false gods so that they are worshiped, and they will always persecute the highly evolved in the flesh prior to the latter's ascension.

In light of this, there can never be a SPIRITUAL REFORM unless there is first a SPIRITUAL OVERTHROW.

Yellow-energy Group Entities will always be corrupt and they will never be overcome unless they are constantly overshadowed in spiritual vibration by true ascended and post-ascended masters - who are now in the process of unfolding in ALL THAT IS. 

~ Saint Aurelia ~

(Formerly Emanuel Swedenborg & Dorothy Stratten)

The best spiritual teachers are those who show others

how to become their own spiritual masters. Solist Mystics emphasize spiritual purity,

the radiance of compassion, and the radiance of gratitude; the last of which

is more effective for attracting abundance and manifesting than the traditional, watered-down approach of just

"cultivating an attitude of gratitude."

Not being known doesn't stop the truth from being true.

~ Richard Bach ~

Typically, it is through the pain and suffering of dedicated individuals

- not organizations -

that breakthroughs are made and inventions to better humanity

are achieved.

~ Avadar ~

Marian Group Entity Incident, June, 2016  

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